Invitation for Sealed Bids – Mobile Medical Unit

Camino Community Development Corporation (Camino) is a non-profit multicultural provider of health and human services specializing in serving the Latino population of NC. Camino is requesting proposals by sealed bids to purchase:

  • Mobile Medical Unit 38’ dual exam rooms w/equipment to include standard medical exam table/chair
  • Mobile Medical Unit up to 2-year Service / 10-year Warranty program
  • Mobile Unit Completion and Delivery date by January 2023

We will consider a combination of factors as we select the best bidder that fits our needs. Sealed bids must be submitted with a price validity period of 90 days from the last date of submission of sealed bids. Last date to submit sealed bids is Tuesday 8/23/22 3pm EST. Sealed bids will be opened publicly on Tuesday 8/23/22 4pm EST.

Sealed bids are to be mailed or delivered to Camino, c/o Finance Department 131 Stetson Drive, Charlotte NC 28262 no later than 3pm on Tuesday 8/23/2022.