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Brittany’s Journey of Hope


For many of us at home, the thought of being homeless is unfathomable. Without a house, without a warm bed to sleep in, and without easy access to many other basic needs, most would assume that homelessness is one of the worst things that could happen to them in their lifetime. Often, when someone loses their home, they also lose their sense of hope. However, this is quite the opposite for Brittany Roldan. 

Brittany is originally from Florida, but she relocated to Charlotte four years ago with her husband. Their arrival in the Queen City was marred with homelessness, forcing them to rely on friends and family for shelter. When those options failed, they had no other choice but to sleep in their van.

Brittany’s husband also suffered from serious health issues, exacerbating their already challenging situation. Without employment, they couldn’t afford health insurance and struggled to find affordable healthcare options. Even if they could access services, they often lacked the funds for his necessary medications. Despite these hardships, Brittany and her husband persevered, holding onto hope for a brighter future. Their resilience was tested, but they remained determined to overcome adversity and rebuild their lives in their new city.

It wasn’t until they found Camino that their story took a pivotal turn. After learning about the couple’s story, Camino welcomed them like they were family. Camino referred them to The WearHouse where they received clothing, to the clinic where they received proper medical attention and essential medications, and to the food pantry where they received adequate supplies of food. However, they would only take what they needed and would often look for ways to give back to others who were going through similar struggles.  

Unfortunately, Brittany’s husband passed away in September 2023, leaving her to navigate life’s challenges alone. Tragically, her van was also stolen, further complicating her situation. When Camino Church found out about her stolen van, community members came together to provide her with a new vehicle to further support her in her time of need. When interviewing Brittany about her story and the trauma she experienced, she shockingly stated, “it wasn’t stressful… I didn’t have this. I didn’t have that. But I was alive.” These words alone highlighted her resilience in the face of adversity, as well as the positive perspective she maintained throughout her journey.

Today, Brittany works at a hotel and carries a strong passion for helping others. She is a member of Camino Church and actively seeks opportunities to support others in need. Although she credits Camino for supporting her on her journey, we know that we could not have done it without you. Your generosity and passion for helping others are what allow us to make a difference in the lives of many. With your continued support, we can serve more individuals who have walked in Brittany’s shoes. Give today and support others like Brittany. 

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