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Camino Health Center

The Food Farmacy takes a bite out of hunger

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Since its inception fifteen years ago, the Food Farmacy has provided food to those who struggle to feed themselves and their families. The Food Farmacy is one of four service areas of Camino Health Center which includes our clinic, behavioral health program, and our wellness program. These services exist to fulfill the mission of Camino Health Center which is to equip others to live healthy lives. Nutrition is one of the most important ways to live out a healthy lifestyle. Through our dedicated staff, volunteers, and sponsors, we are helping tackle the issue of food insecurity.  “People think that at the Food Farmacy we’re just giving people food, but we’re also giving people hope and dignity,” Grady Price, a Food Farmacy volunteer said. 

Food insecurity became an even bigger issue last year because of the impact COVID-19 had on our community. “ Before the pandemic, we were only open one day a week. Because of the overwhelming need for food, we eventually had to open four days a week and extend our hours,” Price said. Last year the Food Farmacy, with the help of our sponsor Loaves and Fishes, served 23,248 people and over 1 million pounds of food. This is an increase of 300% from 2019. “It was incredible to see the relief on their faces when they showed up at our door and we were able to send them home with boxes of food. You could tell it meant the world to them,” Price said. 

Recently, the Food Farmacy has undergone a few changes. Our hours are now 3:30 p.m.-6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. We made this change to make our hours more convenient for those who benefit from our service. You can now apply for assistance from the Food Farmacy at the online link here and by sending us a message on our Facebook page. We also accept walk-ins and appointments. For more information or questions you can call us at: 704.596.5606. The Food Farmacy also accepts canned food donations, such as canned vegetables, soup, and fruit. We also accept monetary donations. $25 is enough to feed one person for a whole week, and $100  provides food for a family of five for a whole week.  We wouldn’t be able to help our community without help from our community. If you would like to donate, you can do so by clicking on this link.

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