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Annual Report 2022

“As I reflect on last year, I am renewed in my commitment to the Camino mission, and as I look to the future, I am filled with great hope. As we start the year 2023, we are embarking on our 25th year of serving Latino communities, and we have never been stronger and more prepared to fulfill our mission of equipping people to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives! I believe that the future is Latino. So, in continuing to serve the Latino community, I know that we are investing in a future filled with hope, hard work, and mucho sabor.” -Rusty Price CEO

Our Services

All of Camino’s services are bilingual and multicultural, ensuring every person receives what they need in a language they understand and in a setting they trust.

Camino Health Center

A bilingual and multicultural health center that provides excellent and affordable integrated care to the underinsured and uninsured populations. We live out our mission each day by focusing on the whole person and by offering a holistic approach to healthcare.

Camino Church

A Christian church whose mission is to equip people to live in the freedom of an everyday relationship with God. Through the transformative work of the gospel, Camino Church equips people to live hopeful lives.


A bilingual-upward social mobility program made up of three pillars: workforce development, education, and entrepreneurship, with a mission to equip people to live productive lives.

The WearHouse

A thrift store with a mission! Supported through community donations, The WearHouse sells clothes, toys, books, furniture and more at affordable prices. Sales are recycled back into the community to help the Latino immigrant population.

Camino Research Institute

A hub for community-driven research that informs the development and implementation of services and policies that meet the needs of Latinos. CRI was developed to fill a gap in data on Latinos living in North Carolina.

Camino University

The mission of Camino University is to establish opportunities for theological training and practical experience among the Latino community and to improve the delivery of social services and (mental) healthcare services for immigrant communities.

El Futuro Es Latino

There is a shift happening in the United States. White families have an average of 1.7 children; Latino families have an average of 4.3 children. EL Futuro es Latino. The average age of a white person in the United States is 58 years old; the average age of Latinos is 11. El Futuro es Latino–and it isn’t far off.  With values of faith, family, and an unparalleled industrious work ethic, Latinos are the heroes that our country needs. They only need one thing—un camino. That’s why our vision is to make North Carolina the best place for Latinos to live, work, and call home.

Welcome to Camino

About Us

For 25 years Camino has been an integral part of the Charlotte community, taking steps to enhance the lives Latinos across the state of North Carolina. We offer a variety of services that seek to give people the tools to live healthy, hopeful and productive lives. Click the link below to read more about our history and founder.

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