Annual Report 2022

“As I reflect on last year, I am renewed in my commitment to the Camino mission, and as I look to the future, I am filled with great hope. As we start the year 2023, we are embarking on our 25th year of serving Latino communities, and we have never been stronger and more prepared to fulfill our mission of equipping people to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives! I believe that the future is Latino. So, in continuing to serve the Latino community, I know that we are investing in a future filled with hope, hard work, and mucho sabor.” -Rusty Price CEO


Camino’s annual Christmas @ Camino event, 2023

WSOC-TV Covers Camino’s annual toy drive, where we gave away 1,500 free toys to the children in the Charlotte Community.

Thrifting with a Cause, how The WearHouse helps the Charlotte community

Come find out how The WearHouse helps Camino equip people to live healthy, hopeful, & productive lives through this QC Life on-air segment.

“El Futuro Es Latino” Camino Research Institute releases never-before-seen data regarding the Latino community. 

The Charlotte Observer discusses the results of Camino Research Institute’s Mecklenburg County Latino Community Strengths and Needs Assessment. 

Camino Vida in the News

Spectrum News writes on how Camino Vida’s Nutrition program helps meet the nutritional needs of the Hispanic community.

Camino Contigo in the News

WFAE speaks on how valuable Camino Contigo’s services are for the Charlotte Latino community.

Camino hosts 2nd press conference to showcase never-before-seen data

La Noticia attends Camino’s 2nd press conference regarding Title-42 ending and how it will affect Charlotte and its  surrounding areas. 

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