Ana Laura’s Journey of Hope


If you feared for the safety of your children, what would you do? For many of us, we would rely on the police and our justice system, but what happens when those aren’t an option for you? This is the story of Ana Laura, a courageous mother who found hope and healing with the help of Camino.

Ana endured the pain of an abusive relationship for many years. Afraid and fearing for the safety of her children, she knew she had to make a choice—one that would change the course of her life entirely. In 2023, with the determination to create a better and safer future for herself and 14-year-old daughter, Ana embarked on a journey from her home country of Mexico to the United States.

The decision to leave was not an easy one. Fleeing from the violence and abuse, she crossed the border as an asylum seeker and first arrived in Texas where she connected with her aunt. After a short period of time, she left Texas and moved to Charlotte to be closer to her father who she had not seen for 14 years.

Ana felt afraid, helpless, and hopeless until her father, who is also a member of Camino Church, introduced her to Camino’s services. Recognizing the physical toll of the abuse she endured, Camino Health Center provided her with medical care, addressing both visible and hidden wounds. The WearHouse provided her and her daughter with essential clothes, and members of the social navigation team helped her navigate the complex paperwork required for asylum seekers. 

Through the support network offered by Camino, Ana felt a renewed sense of peace and hope. She expressed gratitude for the assistance she received and the opportunity to be closer to her father, who played a crucial role in guiding her to Camino. Her bravery is a testament to the strength that resides within individuals facing unimaginable circumstances.

Ana and her daughter found hope in the services we provide. Her story serves as a constant reminder of the positive impact we can have on the individuals we serve when we join forces to support those in need. With your support, we can continue making a difference in the lives of individuals like Ana. Give today and become a part of someone else’s Journey of Hope. Your generosity will provide essential support to those who need it most. Together, we will uplift the lives of others and build a community where the hopeless can heal and thrive. 

*Ana Laura gave us permission to share her story*

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