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As of August 2, 2021, Camino Community Center will now be known as Camino Health Center! Although the word “community” is no longer in our name, the community remains our top priority. Our mission is to equip people to live healthy lives, and our new name shows how we recognize the importance of promoting health and wellness in our community.

At Camino Health Center, we focus on the whole person through our holistic approach to healthcare. We offer this through our services such as our Primary Care, Behavioral Health, Health and Wellness, and our Food Farmacy (food pantry). We have been busy renovating some of our buildings on our campus to ensure our community members receive the highest quality care. For example, Camino Clinic is adding more exam rooms and hiring more personnel! Our Behavioral Health Program also has some exciting new changes. They’ve added play therapy, group therapy, and have also hired Peer Support Specialists to the services they offer.

As an organization, we’ve experienced tremendous growth over the last two years. We almost doubled the number of times we served our community members through our collective services, from 25,000 in 2019 to 41,879 in 2020. Through our hard work and dedication, you have helped us establish Camino Health Center as one of the most trusted places for the Latino community. It’s not that we ONLY serve the Latino community, it’s that we CAN serve the Latino community. We offer everyone the care, resources, and help they deserve in a language that they understand. We’re thrilled to see how our organization continues to serve those in need through the hard work of our staff and volunteers. A big thank you to anyone and everyone who has supported us from the very beginning! We owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

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