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Camino Vida opens new wellness center

At Camino Health Center, our mission is to equip people to live healthy lives. One of the many ways we do this is through our Camino Vida program. Camino Vida works with patients by helping them develop personalized nutrition, exercise, and wellness plans to establish lifelong healthy habits. Part of the program also focuses on managing chronic diseases through self-care, lifestyle change, and stress reduction. The individualized attention patients receive through this program is second to none.

“I think Camino Vida is unique because we (the staff) connect with the participants, we speak their language, we understand their culture, we get them, and we work with them to create a plan that fits them. This is not a “one size fits all” kind of program, it’s the opposite. We customized the entire program for each participant,” Paulina Martinez, a Fitness Specialist for Camino Vida says.

Last week we were honored to host the grand opening of the Camino Vida Wellness Center. Attendees had a chance to explore the new facility and hear from a few speakers who told the audience how important this Wellness Center is to the community and the history of how it came to be. “In Mecklenburg County, when we combine death rates from heart disease and stroke, sadly, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of local deaths. In most cases, these deaths can be prevented by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and knowing how to handle stress — all things that we teach at our Camino Vida program,” Director of Health and Wellness, Jessica Montana, said during the ceremony. This program was made possible because of generous donations from the AstraZeneca Healthcare Foundation, American Heart Association, and Mecklenburg County Public Health. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Physiology Health and Clinical Sciences also helped develop the fitness and nutrition programs.

While this service is relatively new, patients have already seen tremendous results. One Vida patient told us “when there are people and there are organizations like Camino, that support you and give you this information and this advice, they help you to refocus your mind, to do positive things for yourself. It has personally helped me and that I think has restored my mental health.”

Those who sign up can expect a fun and motivating environment. “We love what we do, but we can’t do it for you. We’ll provide all the resources you need, it’s on you to decide if you’re ready for change,” Martinez added.

We’re so thankful for our talented and dedicated team at Camino Vida who make this program so successful! Camino Vida currently serves over 45 people. Patients can ONLY be referred to Camino Vida by a Camino Clinic medical provider or by a Camino Contigo therapist. For more information visit

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