Maria Laura’s Journey of Hope


Imagine moving to a new country, not knowing anyone, not understanding the language, not having a sense of belonging or community, and in need of healthcare assistance. This is the story of Maria Laura Monachesi. In the pursuit of the American dream, Maria Laura was driven by a vision of a brighter future for herself and her loved ones. Her story highlights the transformative power of community support and serves as a true testament to human strength, resilience, determination, and most of all, hope.

Maria Laura was born and raised in Argentina. She spent most of her early years in her home country until life’s twists and turns prompted her to leave behind her familiar surroundings to head to the United States. Upon her arrival, she felt lost and without a purpose and was struggling to find proper care as she grappled with health issues. The challenges she faced as an immigrant were nothing short of exhausting.

Little did she know at the time, but each obstacle—health problems, cultural adjustments, and the absence of a support network—became a stepping stone toward the brighter future she desired. Through it all, she continued moving forward, navigating a path that demanded strength and determination.

In 2013, amidst the uncertainties, Maria Laura found solace in Camino—a bilingual and multicultural nonprofit organization that would become her support system. Struggling with hypertension, she sought a primary care physician and found not just medical care but a lifeline. This connection to Camino marked the beginning of a purpose-filled life.

Sensing a void in her spirit and recognizing the sadness in her demeanor, Camino extended a compassionate hand, offering Maria Laura a volunteer position to support others facing similar struggles. This act of kindness marked a turning point in her journey as she found herself not just a recipient of help but a vital part of the community.

As she began to heal, she discovered a sense of purpose as she continued to volunteer. Camino not only mended her health but also her spirit, allowing her to extend the same support to others. Maria Laura, once a recipient of communal support, had now become a giver. Today, she serves as Social Navigation Manager within Camino Health Center’s behavioral health program. She has connected countless individuals to the various services Camino offers, ensuring they find the proper support they need to live a meaningful life.

Maria Laura has changed the lives of many and will stop at nothing to support others. For one of her patients who was deaf, mute, and homeless, she learned American Sign Language so she could communicate with him. During their time together, she helped him manage his Type 2 Diabetes and find temporary shelter until finally reuniting him with his family in Colombia. In 2020, she helped a homeless grandmother and her grandson, José, find the resources they needed to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives in Charlotte. Today, José and his grandmother are thriving, thanks to Maria Laura’s support.

Her story proves that no matter where you find yourself in your own journey, you can embrace the power of hope by extending it to others. Give today and stand alongside Maria Laura in positively impacting thousands of lives within our community. Together, we can make a lasting difference and provide hope to those who need it most.

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