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The WearHouse

The WearHouse “wear” people come together

Picture this… you’re walking into your favorite thrift store. You glance around and see all the unique items that could be yours. You walk up to a rack and begin to sift through it for that perfect item. It could be the stand out blazer for your interview or that perfect Wednesday night relaxation sweater. Then on the rack right next to you, you see a pack of vintage trading cards… 

The WearHouse is a place where you can shop good, do good, and feel good

Camino, a nonprofit in Charlotte, opened its doors to their first fully functioning and fully community-focused thrift store in 2012. For ten years, The WearHouse has done far more than fill the closets of  Charlotte’s residents. As an extension of the Camino brand, it continues to fill the hearts of many more through Jill Price’s vision and Camino’s mission. 

Price, the WearHouse manager, has a vision for the thrift store- to ensure customer satisfaction and community enrichment. Her goal joins hand in hand with Camino’s mission of equipping others to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives. Camino’s mission and Price’s passion for serving others make the WearHouse stand out among the numerous other thrift options in the area. The WearHouse’s staff are dedicated to giving back to the community. This is why they ensure the proceeds from the WearHouse get recycled back into the Charlotte community. 

“I want to cultivate an experience that ignites the senses, meets all my customers shopping needs, all while creating a great personal interaction” – Jill Price

Price often creates those personal interactions with something she refers to as “cash register moments.” Those moments are where the staff at the WearHouse get a glimpse into the lives of the people they get to serve. There can be an interaction anywhere from “I have wanted this piece for years and I just found it, this made my day” to “my family is struggling and it has been such a tough week, I just need someone to talk to.” Whether you go to The WearHouse to thrift or because you or someone you know is in need, you will find an ear that will listen, a mouth that will speak a kind word, and an open heart. A tender interaction not soon forgotten…

If you are interested in donating or looking to shop, 

Visit us at 127 Stetson Dr. Charlotte, NC 28262. We are open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 6p.m. and on Saturday 10 a.m.- 5 p.m. Be sure to also check us out and follow us on all social media platforms: InstagramTikTok and Facebook @TheWearHouse127.

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