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Why Every Day Should Be Family Health and Fitness DayRecipes of the Day

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Did you know that in June, there is a holiday dedicated to getting healthy and exercising with your family? It is celebrated on June 11 and is known as Family Health and Fitness Day. Here at Camino Health Center (CHC), we fully support Family Health and Fitness Day and its purpose of keeping communities healthy and active. One of the main objectives of CHC is keeping members of families together and involved when it comes to fitness, blending with our mission of equipping people to live healthy lives.

Family fitness brings families closer and is just as important as individual health. It is a shared bonding experience that not only helps families become healthier but also helps them grow happier. Families who stay active together see their attachment, social development, and emotional management skills improve. It also improves mental health in children, increasing self-confidence and reducing anxiety. Valuable effects of exercising include improved heart health, healthier weight management, better sleep, and reduced stress. Exercise uplifts the mood of both the parents and the children, allowing for closer interactions and even increased intimacy between all members, adding more joy to their lives. 

Family fitness can be enjoyed as a wide range of activities from simply taking a walk, playing catch, enjoying a game of basketball or soccer, or just playing tag in the park. It can even be common events such as bowling, miniature golf, or swimming. If a parent decides to make their children more active, they can give them toys that encourage exercise, such as a ball, a skateboard, or a jump rope. The purpose of Family Fitness Day is to get children and adults out of the house by doing something enjoyable outside together. 

Family Fitness Day applies well to what we value here at CHC. CHC aims to take care of the entire family with their holistic approach to health care. We recently had over 7,500 visits to our own Camino Clinic from families in the community trying to improve their health. We offer numerous programs designed to get children to increase their physical activity, one being the newly built mini-pitch soccer field located right on Camino campus. Family Health and Fitness Day only helps increase the well-being of everyone who participates. We support its mission, and we’re glad it helps further ours of equipping people to live healthy lives.

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