Camino began in 1997 as World Reach Incorporated, the largest donor of medical supplies from the Uni...

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In 2003, the Stetson Drive Campus in Charlotte North Carolina was generously donated to house World ...

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Then in 2005, a Camino volunteer named Anna began feeding people who were suffering from food insecu...

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In 2006, Camino’s trajectory changed when our direct access to Cuba was closed. This was a turning...

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Then, in 2012, Iglesia Bautista Camino Del Rey and Kings Way Baptist Church merged together as Camin...

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In 2020, Camino Clinic staff members started noticing that a lot of their patients were suffering fr...

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In 2021, a year after the Camino Vida program was started, Camino opened its doors to the Camino Vid...

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In 2022 Camino University and Arriba were both launched. Camino University provides theological educ...

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